A day in the life – Call Center Agent

Let’s follow a call center agent through a typical workday, he uses Linkus Unified Communications App and QueueMetrics Live. Both solutions are cloud-based, enable him to work anywhere.

To understand more on Linkus and QueueMetrics:

9:00 AM: Our agent turn on his computer, open a browser and log in to QueueMetrics Live, then login to the call queue where he belongs to.



His linkus desktop will be logged in automatically. Now he is ready to do calls. He can chat with his manager. When an incoming call comes in, he will receive a screen prompt:

Upon receiving the call, he is able to control the call (Mute/record/transfer/hold).

When the call is completed, he can write a note on the outcome of the call. All the possible outcomes can be defined by call center manager in advance and it can be used as a filter when generating reports at later time.

In case it’s an important call and he did enable call recordings, he can replay it from his Linkus client as well.

Similarly, he can do outbound calls from Linkus client, jot down a note as an outcome for each outbound call.

He can issue pauses when he is still in the queue, when a pause is activated, his phone will not ring for incoming calls.


6:00 PM: Time to stop the work, he will log off from the queue and wrap up his day by checking his own reports.

Additional reports can be configured and scheduled to deliver to your email address.

QueueMetrics Wallboard for call centers:


Fee Structure:


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