Economical and Efficient Branch Office Solution

Connecting branch offices, home-based employees, and enabling companies to distribute the features and applications of a central PBX with Yeastar solution.

Work is no longer about one place, but activity could be done from almost anywhere. And more and more businesses are embracing the idea that remote office connectivity greatly saves them costs by eliminating site to site calling charges, and dramatically improves efficiency as workers at multiple locations can reach each other easily. To connect remote employees, you have the following options.

1. Network S-Series VoIP PBXs at Different Locations

If you have multiple office locations, the S-Series PBX gives you the convenience of connecting these offices economically and effectively. The built-in powerful Multisite Interconnect feature allows simple interconnecting configurations of S-Series PBXs deployed in different offices. No need to create trunks or call routes, direct registration from branches to headquarter can be completed in a few clicks, massively saving time and efforts. More exclusive benefits of Yeastar Multisite Interconnect can be learned here.

In addition, S-Series PBX also boasts VPN support, with which you can set up the headquarter PBX as the VPN server, and rest assured with the secure communication. It’s simple to network multiple S-Series via VoIP trunk (SIP trunk/IAX trunk) or P2P mode.

Once you link multiple systems, you will be able to make free inter-office calls, share trunks among these offices to extend your available resources across your multiple locations, and maintain control of employees and costs.

2. Register Remote Extensions

Use IP phone to register remotely and enable your staff to work from home, remote office or a hotel room. Or use softphone to register remotely and turn your computer into a telephone. And VPN Server support on S-Series creates a secure tunnel between the remote extensions and the headquarter PBX via the Internet.

Remote office solution helps people work together to solve problems, make decisions, and present ideas faster regardless of long distance. Remote office solution also boosts flexibility and productivity by delivering secure and comprehensive data and services to all the workers in multiple branches.

3. Use TA Series Analog VoIP Gateway to Connect Multiple Sites

For companies that have geographically distributed office, if they do not want to install a PBX at the remote office, TA FXS Gateway can connect the headquarter’s telephone system and the branch office’s phones. The remote office’s phone line can also be utilized by the head office to make local calls and save long distance charges by connecting the existing telephone system with the branch office’s TA FXO gateway. An efficient and economical inter-office communication is secured with QoS, VPN, and Firewall built in TA.

4. Deploy TG Series VoIP GSM Gateway to Connect Branch Office

A company has made new investments in new offices, which inevitably brings the need of building a new telephone system at the branch office. It could results to costly communications between the main office and branch offices without an efficient solution. One way to overcome this is to deploy a TG VoIP GSM Gateway and IP phones at the branch office, providing free inter-office calls and local trunk connectivity.

  • Fully collaborate between offices with free inter-office calls.
  • Utilize other locations’ trunks to make local calls
  • Use corporate trunks for both inbound and outbound trunks, providing the branch office with an appearance of corporate unity.

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