Interested? No number porting is required, really?!

Here is our “Upgrade To Yeastar Cloud PBX and Linkus in 5 Simple Steps”

Step 1 - Price and Evaluation

Our solution offers you mobile capabilities, complete unified communication user experience, inexpensive setup & ongoing cost, anytime scalability and opportunity to expand your business to go global (by adding overseas SIP Trunk and DID numbers).

However, it’s never an easy decision to upgrade your company’s main communication system from Legacy PBX or IPPBX, to a Cloud PBX solution.

First, you can apply for our free Linkus test run, evaluate if this is what you want for your company. Proceed to the next steps if the answer is a “YES”.

Step 2 - Start small

Now it’s time to set up the Cloud PBX server, but wait, there are so many things to prepare, you don’t know where to start, and you are not ready yet!

No worries, let’s start small by purchasing our cloud PBX with 5 extensions with a monthly payment, or you may contact us or request for a quotation.

You can login to Yeastar Cloud PBX as an admin, make yourself familiar with the Yeastar Cloud PBX management interface and try setting up an IVR for your company. Alternatively if you are busy with your business, tell us what you want to achieve and we can also set it up for you for a service fee.


If you are on legacy PBX with PSTN (RJ11) telephone lines and you want move to Yeastar Cloud PBX without number porting, purchase a Yeastar FXO VoIP gateway from us, use it to  bridge your PSTN (RJ11) phone lines to our Yeastar Cloud PBX.

If you are on ISDN digital lines and you want to move to Yeastar Cloud PBX without number porting, purchase a Yeastar TE VoIP gateway from us, use it to bridge your ISDN phone lines to our Yeastar Cloud PBX.

Now, with either Analog PSTN or Digital ISDN phone lines, you can bridge it to Yeastar Cloud PBX, start to manage all aspects of your phone system online and enjoy the benefits of a cloud based telephone system at only 5 SGD/user/mth, and get more details by contacting us

Step 3 option 2 - MOVE TO SIP TRUNK and number porting

Ideally Yeastar cloud PBX should be connected with SIP trunks. Provided you don’t have an active contract with your current number vendor, it’s time to port your numbers to a SIP trunk provider.

Take note that some Telco (Starhub/Sintel, etc) SIP trunk providers allow connections to their SIP server only from their customer’s internet broadband IP, which means it can NOT be connected to a public cloud without a gateway. If you are on those private SIP Trunks, it’s also a must to purchase a Yeastar VoIP gateway from us, have it set up at your office before your trunk can connect to our Cloud PBX. 

If you are already on non-private SIP Trunks (Hoiio, Twilio, DIDLogic,, etc), you don’t need any additional VoIP gateway, just configure it on your Yeastar Cloud PBX server and start to use it.

Step 4 - Get ready to full swing

You now have a full understanding  how to set up a Cloud PBX and use it with your existing numbers.

Purchase necessary VoIP gateways from us if you want to use your existing PSTN/ISDN telephone lines. You can request a quote from us. Alternatively choosing a SIP trunk provider and porting your numbers to them is also a good idea.

While you are doing/waiting for this to be processed, purchase add more extensions, provision to your staff, and get them ready for a full swing to Yeastar Cloud PBX and Linkus UC first. 

Step 5 -There is no last step

Once your Yeastar Cloud PBX is up, extensions are provisioned on Linkus and IP Phone, your numbers are settled down as well. Test if your inbound and outbound routes are working, it’s time to do a backup first, but don’t worry too much as we also have a scheduled backup for you.  

Continue to get yourself familiar with it, add more users, add more DID numbers when you expand. 

Our cloud PBX is semi-managed and self-manageable, You may refer to our knowledge base for more information. If you need us anytime, we are always here to assist you!

Yeastar Cloud PBX works best with Yealink IP Phone

Install linkus on mobile & desktop, next make some calls!

Don't worry, a free trial is a free trial