IP Phone auto-provision in 2 steps

Start from Cloud PBX firmware v81.13.0.30, Yeastar introduced the Yeastar CTI mode for easy remote control of the physical desk IP phone,

This CTI feature is enabled on the Yealink and Fanvil IP Phone if you use auto-provision, you can read more here:

In this article, we will be using a Yealink IP Phone as an example to do Auto Provision. Auto-provision App helps you set up your IP phones in bulk and it can be found from the Yeastar Cloud PBX desktop.

Using auto-provisioning, you can instruct the phone to retrieve its configuration from Yeastar PBX. Once you provision your phones, the phones will automatically configure themselves correctly. In this way, you can manage your phones centrally without having to configure your phones one by one.

We already provide the auto-provision instructions here:

However, often a customer would still face issues, to make it simple, actually, you just need to do 2 steps.

  1. Key in the MAC ID of your IP Phone in Yeastar Cloud PBX auto-provision APP. (On the PBX Auto Provisioning page, add devices and set your phones’ manufacturer, MAC address, model.)
  2. Factory reset and reboot the IP Phone, key in a username and password (found in user welcome email). When the phone restarts, the phone user needs to fill in the user name and password to get the configurations from PBX.


    • User Name: Enter the extension number that is assigned to the phone.
    • Password: Enter the extension’s Voicemail Access PIN.


That’s all, here is some information you may need:

  1. Supported IP Phone models:
  2. Understand auto-provision topology:

    RPS, Redirection & Provisioning Service is used by Auto-provisioning in Yeastar Cloud PBX, and below is a brief introduction of its four-step working flow.

    1. Register the MAC address of your IP Phone to a related RPS server through Cloud PBX.
    2. Reset your IP phone & connect them to the web.
    3. IP Phone automatically fetches Cloud PBX’s provisioning URL from the RPS server.
    4. IP Phone connects to the provisioning URL, and provisions itself.


    3. To check if your MAC address is successfully registered in RPS database, go to the event log and check:



    If you do see RPS event message showing it failed, chances are you are using a second hand IP phone, the previous owner has registered it in RPS server with a different configuration.

    4. There are some known issues caused by SSL certification. (Out of our control), you may want to Disable “Only Accept Trusted Certificates”.


    5. Please do NOT try to copy the provision server URL and paste it into your IP phone’s auto-provision server URL, this is NOT needed.

    Yeastar Cloud PBX auto provision



In the event if you are facing issues on auto-provision, the easiest alternative way to provision your IP phone is to do it manually. Please refer this link for detailed step by step instruction for each compatible IP Phone models:

A sample for a Yealink IP Phone:

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