Is Cloud PBX more expensive than on-premise IPPBX? 

An on-premise IP PBX might be a cheaper option compared to a Cloud PBX solution in the long run if you assume that maintenance is never required and the hardware never breaks down. But how often is this rosy scenario ever true?

Hidden costs on service maintenance, hardware replacement, and manpower hours are variable figures which very often, users are unable to accurately ensure and predict.

Costs on a Cloud PBX on the other hand are transparent. Subscription costs are fixed and no hidden costs are involved, there is no hardware failure to worry about, everything is managed online with free technical support from us.

In addition, the Cloud PBX can offer you many advantages over an on-premise IP PBX.

Easy Maintenance and Management:

  • Enjoy huge cost savings by eliminating the need for investment in cabling, PBX hardware, and maintenance.
  • Maintain only 1 cloud PBX instance and use it for multiple Interoffice calls are totally FREE.
  • Improve the efficiency with web-based access to your PBX, and allow instantaneous self-managed updates/modifications to your set-up.
  • Enable centralized control of information as all calls will be able to originate from the Cloud; activities are logged and accessible by your own admin.
  • Increased Management and control through automated reports and recording, for tracking of staff performance.
  • Manage IP Phonesthrough auto-provisioning and instantaneous self-provisioning of users and softphone.
  • Separate your organization and personal phone books, managed from browser.

Softphone Applications:

  • Each user is able to access same functionalities from mobile and/or desktop apps (Linkus).
  • Eliminate boundaries and allow users to connect to a business line from any geographical location. You are no longer limited to just a desk phone.
  • Option to operate your IP phone from a computer.
  • Program your own ring strategy among IP Phone, softphone, mobile phone.
  • Automatic email notifications for missed calls.

Number Retention:

  • Able to retain all the existing phone numbers in all sites, by number porting to SIP trunk, or by installing a gateway to bridge PSTN/ISDN lines.
  • Enjoy up to 90% savings on IDD calls by moving away from ISDN to a SIP trunk.

Fully Scalable:

  • Never worry about outgrowing your server with a fully scalable Cloud PBX.
  • Add or remove users anytime, at the touch of a button with a self-manageable Cloud PBX system.
  • Each server is able to cater to up to 2000 users, with unlimited DID numbers and SIP trunks.

Efficient Allocation of Manpower:

  • Minimize staff required at each branch through enabling remote access to calls (eg. 1 staff is able to handle calls for multiple branches or entities)

Save on Call Charges:

  • Reduction in overheads through free office to office calls, regardless of geographical location (eg. Calls from a Malaysian branch to a Singapore branch is free)
  • Enjoy up to 90% of savings on the international IDD calls with the application of a SIP trunk.

Widen your Business Market Reach:

  • Enable international presence via localized numbers. (eg. Provision multiple international numbers on one PBX for respective local markets to reach you easily).

Enable Business Continuity:

  • Allow employees to stay connected to the business line remotely, perfectly fitting in Work-From-Home situations.

Integration to CRM:

  • The ability to integrate the telephony system with CRM (ZOHO, Dynamics365, SalesForce, Outlook 2016, Google Contacts) increases productivity and efficiency.

Uptime SLA:

  • Be ensured of a 99.99% uptime SLA for both the Cloud Server and SIP Trunk, through back-up measures put in place. In the event that a possible hardware failure is detected, the cloud instance will be migrated to new physical machines to prevent unexpected disruption to service. The cloud server migration itself will NOT cause any
  • All the Cloud servers and relevant data are backed up on a daily basis, and are available to be restored at any time.

As we move into a digital age, Cloud PBX and SIP Trunks are the future of Business Telephony Solutions. Flexible, efficient, and easily adaptable to suit any business requirement, the Cloud PBX opens up a whole new plethora of features and integration options not previously possible on a PBX system. As we move away from rigid traditional phone systems, Unified Communications made possible by Cloud PBX is definitely the way to go for growing businesses.




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