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QueueMetrics is a contact-center monitoring and reporting suite created by Loway. It tracks everything in your Asterisk® based call-center: targets, conversion rates and agents activities, with a wide range of different professionals reports and statistics.

Used by thousands of contact-centers worldwide, it offers great benefits to the call-centers professional industry.

Now QueueMetrics is available as a cloud solution with all the features of classic on premise version plus the advantages offered by a cloud solution. You can optimize agent schedules, analyze reports to improve call-center efficiencies, survey customers, integrate with leading CRMs, improving your customer’s satisfaction.

Modern call-centers, with their complexity face challenges common to many service-oriented big enterprises: revenue must grow, quality rise, and everything has to happen fast while costs are kept in control remaining inside a complex and articulated structure. In the call-center market quality of service means happier customers, but today’s customers are demanding different types of services, a quick deliver, and have the expectation that agents will help them get precisely what they need.

Traditional call-centers solutions were built using on-premises hardware and platforms. The request for frequent upgrades, fast services and lower costs, proved that there had to be a better way to run this business. Moving to a call-center solution in the cloud is a possible answer that leads to several strategic benefits:

  • Cost advantages
  • Rapid deployment and easy integration
  • Cost-effective scalability
  • No need for maintenance and backups
  • Unique on-off premise switch

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Factors used to design QueueMetrics-Live

Lower expenses

QueueMetrics-Live doesn’t require any upfront expenses for the deployment. It is based on a pay-as-you-go pricing model. A company can choose the service it want and pay only for what is needed. This is higly cost effective because IT spending is low compared to on-premise solution and results in better ROI.

Quick deployment

For on-premise solutions deployment, a company need to install a complete IT infrastructure (with hardware, software, phones, etc.). This requires a significant investment of time and money. QueueMetrics-Live is fast and easy to deploy as the service is offered by Loway via the web. No need for special equipments, all that’s required is an Internet connection to access the hosted service via – WebRTC softphones for your agents are included!

Scalable solution

The advantage of an hosted SaaS cloud contact-center solution like QueueMetrics-Live is that operations can be easily scaled up or down by taking or releasing online resources following the call-center neeeds. On the other side on-premise solutions require additional software and hardware components in order to handle an increased call flow and when the call flow drops, it results in a big waste of resources.

No maintenance

The required IT infrastructure to run the QueueMetrics-Live solution is provided and hosted by Loway. The customer will access the service via secure SSL connection. Access will be granted only as a result of a positive authentication. Loway will do all the maintenance, including updates and nightly backups, freeing up the customers’ time and resources for other tasks.

Unique on/off premise model

With QueueMetrics-Live you can forget about remaining bound to the provider for changing your service structure. Our cloud solution comes with an unique on-off premise switch system that lets you move to the on premise version whenever you want and without any risk of data loss, leveraging on your existing knowledge of QueueMetrics.

Does this strategy make sense for organizations like yours?

With QueueMetrics-Live, you can forget about expensive hardware and software maintenance, upgrade costs, updates or backup needs, also keeping the security and reliability level high.

You can enable the fast change demanded in today’s dynamic call-center market while eliminating the costs and hassles of maintaining big and complex structures.

Maintaining all these features, in an on premise solution, while responding to requests for new reports, analysis and one-off projects, can keep your IT team fully occupied. When a new product line, promotion, client or sales process comes along, the resulting projects can take months and swallow up significant company’s resources. That translates to missed opportunities and, frequently, costs increases. For a small or big company, this maintenance cost in order to build the optimal customer experience can be prohibitive.

QueueMetrics-Live cloud contact-center solution offers all the functionality a contact center is likely to need, fully integrated on-demand, without the need for hardware or software. It is also easy and intuitive to use as the on premise version.

Its installation can scale up or down rapidly, enabling individual contact-centers to match resources and costs even if those needs will extend to multiple locations worldwide.

The result? Maximum agent productivity, lower costs, and the capacity to seize every market opportunity.
That’s why QueueMetics-Live service can be launched rapidly and is highly usable and it’s the ideal solution for organizations ready to offload on-premise solutions, as well as those wanting to create new revenue streams integrating full-service contact-centers.

It’s time to find the solution that best fits your call-center reporting and monitoring needs.

Try QueueMetrics-Live today and discover how it can boost your business.

We are waiting for you in the cloud!

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