Do I need to sign a contract? What’s your cancellation policy?

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We do not bound our customers with a contract.

We offer the flexibility of month-to-month service for Yeastar Cloud PBX, to maximize your savings, we also provide quarterly and annual plans.

  • For the monthly plan, you can cancel anytime, but there is no refund.
  • For quarterly or yearly plans, if you want to terminate our services, we will refund based on the number of unused months.

For example:

If you have 10 users and on a quarterly plan, you have used 1 month plus 8 days and you want to cancel, we will refund 1 month worth of service charges based on 6.5 SGD/User/Month, total 6.5 SGD X 10 Users X 1 Month = 65 SGD.

If you have 50 uses and on a yearly plan, you have used 3 months plus 20 days and you want to cancel,  we will refund 8 months worth of service charges based on 5 SGD/User/Month, total 5 SGD X 50 Users X 8 months = 2,000 SGD.

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