Does Linkus support number rewriting?

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Yes, the number rewriting feature needs to work with Yeastar Cloud PBX outbound route. With number rewriting feature, you can utilize your native contacts or call history numbers without having to add new entries.

Check the configuration steps below:
Step 1. Create an outbound route in Yeastar Cloud IPPBX.
1. If you would like to add prefix 0, set the outbound route pattern as “0.”.
2. If you would like to add prefix 9, set the outbound route pattern as “9.”.
3. And so on.
outbound route in S-Series IPPBX
Step 2. Choose the desired outbound route on Linkus to call out.
Long press the contact’s number or the history number, choose the newly created outbound route, Linkus will add the prefix automatically and call out.

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