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Hotel General Settings

Enable the Hotel App and set the hotel information, currency unit and Value Added Tax (VAT).

Enable Hotel App

  1. Log in the PBX web interface, go to Hotel app, check the option Enable Hotel.
  2. Click Save.

Hotel General Settings

  1. Set the hotel information.

    Go to Hotel General Settings > Company, enter your hotel name, address, contact and upload the hotel logo. The hotel information will be displayed on the billing report.

  2. Set the currency unit and Value Added Tax (VAT).

    Go to Hotel General SettingsCurrency Unit and VAT, set the hotel currency unit and VAT.

    The currency unit and the name of Tax will be displayed on the billing report.


Hotel Staff Settings

Set the hotel receptionist’s phone, permission, and the settings of hotel cleaners.

Hotel Receptionist Settings

  1. Set the reception desk phone number.

    Go to Hotel > Settings > General > Feature Code, choose the extension number of the reception desk phone. Users could always call the receptionist phone number from room phone whether the room is checked in or not.

  2. Add Hotel management permission for the receptionist.
    1. Log in the PBX web interface by admin account, go to Settings > System > User Permission, click Add to add permission for the receptionist.

    2. Set the User to the extension number of the receptionist.
    3. Select Set Privilege As to Custom.
    4. Click Settings tab, enable Extensions.
    5. Click Application tab, enable Hotel.
    6. Click Save and Apply.

Hotel Cleaner Settings

The hotel cleaner can dial the relevant feature codes on the room phone to change the room status and record the mini bar consumption situation.


  • The hotel cleaners should confirm the mini bar consumption before the guests check out.
  • The room status is unclean; the room will be blocked for the guest.

Go to Hotel > Settings > General > Feature Code to check and edit the default feature codes for hotel cleaners.

  • Room Clean (#03)

    Dial #03 on the room phone to change the room status to “Clean”.

  • Room Unclean (#04)

    Dial #04 on the room phone to change the room status to “Unclean”.

  • Add Mini Bar Items (#01)

    Dial #01 and the mini bar item ID. For example, dial #0111222 to indicate that the guest purchased 2 pieces of item No.1 and 3 pieces of item No.2.

  • Delete Mini Bar Items (#02)

    If the cleaner made a wrong record of the mini bar consumption, he/she can dial #02 to delete the mini bar items. For example, dial #0212 to indicate that on the basis of the previous purchase, subtract 1 piece of item No.1 and 1 piece of item No.2.



Call Rate Settings

Call rate is used to charge the external calls made on the room phones.

System matches the called number with the call rate from top to bottom. Adjust the rate sequence by clicking these buttons    .

Call Cost

If a match is found then the cost is calculated as follows:

  • Total Cost = Initial Cost + Billable Unit Number * Rate (less than one billable unit will be regarded as one billable unit)
  • If the talking time is less than the “Initial Time”, the Total Cost = Initial Cost.

Below is an example billing rate setting, please check call cost details for different calls.

  • Initial Time: 120 seconds
  • Initial Cost: 0.2$
  • Rate: 0.3$
  • Billable Unit: 60 seconds
Talk Time (s) Total Cost ($) Call Cost Details
68 0.2

Talk Time(68) < Initial Time(120)

Total Cost = Initial Cost

125 0.5

Talk Time: 125=120+5

Total Cost: 0.2+0.3*1=0.5

180 0.5

Talk Time: 180=120+60*1

Total Cost: 0.2+0.3*1=0.5

190 0.8

Talk Time: 190=120+60*1+10

Total Cost: 0.2+0.3*2=0.8

380 1.7

Talk Time: 380=120+4*60+20

Total Cost: 0.2+0.3*5=1.7

Call Rate Settings

Go to Hotel > Settings > Call Rate to add or edit call rate.

  • Prefix: Prefix of the called number. This setting must match the dial pattern of the outbound routes in your S-Series VoIP PBX.

    Leave it blank, the rate will apply to all numbers.

  • Initial Time& Initial Cost: If the Initial Cost is $0.2 and the Initial Time is 60 seconds, it means the first 60 seconds of this call will cost $0.2.
  • Rate: After the initial time, each billable unit will be charged with this rate.
  • Billable Unit: Set the billable unit after initial time.

    If the rate is $0.2 and billable unit is 60 seconds, the call you make will cost $0.2 per 60 seconds (less than one billing unit will be regarded as one billing unit).

  • Days of Week: Set which days the rate will be applied to.
  • Start and End Time: Set when the rate will be applied to.
  • Apply to Rooms: Choose which room phones will use the call rate.


Mini Bar Settings

Go to Hotel > Settings > Mini Bar to set the mini bar items and price.

The Digit represents the item ID. The hotel cleaner will use the item ID to record the mini bar consumption.

  • Global VAT: If the VAT of mini bar items has not been set, the global VAT will apply to the items.
  • Digit Mode
    • 1 Digit Mode: You can set 10 mini bar items.
    • 2 Digit Mode: If you have more than 10 items, choose this mode, and set more items. Each item will have a 2-digit ID.

How to Check Mini Bar Consumption

The hotel cleaner can check the mini bar consumption and record the consumption on the room phone. Assume that mini bar is set as the following figure shows, and the room guest consumed 2 apples, 3 bottle of beer, and 1 cup of instant noodle.

The hotel cleaner should dial #01001115 on the room phone. #01 is the default feature code to add Mini bar item.



Holiday Settings

Holiday settings for the Hotel App.

Go to Hotel > Settings > Holiday to set the holiday settings for the hotel system.

The room price will automatically change to Holiday Price when the holiday comes. The hotel system supports to add holiday by date, by month or by week.

Set a Holiday by Date

If date of a holiday varies every year, you can set a holiday by date.

For example, Chinese Spring Festival falls on February 15th-21st. You can set the holiday as follows.

Set a Holiday by Month

If a holiday always falls on the same date, you can set a holiday by month.

For example, Christmas falls on December 25th every year. You can set the holiday as follows.

Set a Holiday by Week

If a holiday always falls on the same week, you can set a holiday by week.

For example, Thanksgiving Day falls on the 4th week of November. You can set the holiday as follows.

Hotel Email Template

After the receptionist successfully book a room for a guest, the receptionist can send an email notification to the guest. If the booking is canceled, the receptionist can also send an email notification to the guest.

Go to Hotel > Settings > Email Template to configure the email template for booking notification and cancel booking notification.


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