How much does Yeastar Cloud PBX typically cost?

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Thanks for considering our services, a typical Yeastar Cloud PBX will cost you:

Order this to get it started: A Cloud Subscription at 89 SGD/Server/Month. (Installed with Yeastar Cloud PBX server), comes with the first 5 licensed users and 500 minutes of recordings.


You can optionally order these add on services:

  • Yeastar PBX User license at 8 SGD/User/Month  (Additional users can be purchased or terminated on-demand.)
  • Call recording storage at 2 SGD/500Min/Month. (Please note that there is only an upgrade option, no downgrade option.)

We offer Linkus free client download and test run before you consider adopt our solution.

By signing up for our services.

  • You have the freedom to use your preferred SIP Trunk and IP Phones.
  • You have full administrative control over your own Cloud PBX to manage SIP trunk, extension, IVR, call flow, etc.
  • Every one of your users will have access to their own user portal to manage call forwarding, voice mail, replay recordings, etc.

Definition of a user

A user is a person who uses our Yeastar Cloud PBX, each user is allocated with a 4-digit extension number, the number range is usually defined from 1001-2999. An extension can be provisioned to a maximum of 4 end devices, for example, you are user 1001, you can provision 1001 on 4 devices* owned by you, sample usage:

  • *Linkus for your Windows PC or Macbook X 1
  • *Linkus for your Android or iOS mobile phone X 1
  • Any 3rd party softphone for your personal mobile or computer X 1
  • Any physical IP Phone X 1 (We recommend Yealink IP Phone: )

*Linkus is Yeastar’s proprietary software, each user can only have 1 Linkus on 1 PC (Either Windows or macOS), and 1 Linkus on Mobile (Either Android or iOS).

All these devices are used by 1 person with 1 extension number and counted as 1 user. The status and usages are synced on all end devices, for example:

  • A user initiates a chat on Linkus for PC, he will be able to resume his chat on his mobile phone with Linkus for Mobile.
  • A user set his status as “busy” on the user portal, his Linkus for mobile and Linkus for PC will all show “busy” status.
  • A user receives a voicemail, he will be able to listen to his voicemail from the IP phone, from PC, from mobile, from email
  • A user will log in to his own Cloud PBX user portal or Linkus client, or IP Phone to manage his own call forward, voicemail, contacts, status, etc

Telephone number/line options

  • If you already have a SIP trunk, you can get a Cloud BPX quotation from us.
  • If you want to bridge your existing analog PSTN (RJ11) to our Yeastar Cloud PBX, you need to purchase an FXO to VoIP gateway from us first before purchase Yeastar Cloud PBX. More information about PSTN gateway is here
  • If you want to bridge your existing digital ISDN to our Yeastar Cloud PBX, you need to purchase an ISDN to VoIP gateway from us first before purchase Yeastar Cloud PBX.  More information about ISDN gateway is here:

Note that your number subscription and any call charges are NOT billed by our company, it is billed by your SIP trunk provider or your telephone number/line provider.

Service Add-On

Conversation recording services:

Every 500 minutes of conversation recording space is chargeable at 2 SGD/month. (Please take note that once you purchase additional recording storage, this storage can NOT be downgraded).

To add/upgrade your conversation recording space, kindly email with your requirement, we will reply to you with a quotation first, you can do your estimation based on:
  1. Monthly usage estimation,
  2. how long do you want to keep your recordings in terms of the month.
Calculation example:
  1. Monthly usage estimation: You are doing about 2000 minutes of calls per month,
  2. How long do you want to keep it: 3 Months.
Then you are required to have a total of 2,000 X 3= 6,000 minutes of storage space at any time, thus we will quote you 6000/500X2=24 SGD/month, or 288 SGD/Yr.

If the recording storage is full, the oldest recordings will be deleted automatically, and the latest recording will be stored.

Conversation recording can be totally disabled if you don’t want this feature, if you do want to do recordings, it can be configured to auto-record everything or configured as one-touch recording. (Dial a feature code before calling out to activate call recording).

IP Phone

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