How to change system prompt in S-Series VoIP PBX?

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S-Series VoIP PBX allows two ways to modify the system prompt: update manually or download online prompt.
Manually update:
1. Go to Settings → PBX → Voice Prompts→ System Prompt
2. Browse a local “.tar” file and click “Upload”
3. You could download the system prompt file in the links below

Afrikaans VoicePrompts
American English VoicePrompts
Arabic VoicePrompts
Australian English VoicePrompts
British English VoicePrompts
Chinese VoicePrompts
Czech VoicePrompts
Danish VoicePrompts
Deutschland VoicePrompts
Dutch VoicePrompts
Finnish VoicePrompts
French VoicePrompts
Canadian French VoicePrompts
Greek VoicePrompts
Hebrew VoicePrompts
Hungarian VoicePrompts
Italian VoicePrompts
Korean VoicePrompts
Norwegian VoicePrompts
Persian VoicePrompts
Polish VoicePrompts
Portuguese VoicePrompts
Brazilian Portuguese VoicePrompts
Russian VoicePrompts
Slovak VoicePrompts
Spanish VoicePrompts
Latin American Spanish VoicePrompts
Mexican Spanish VoicePrompts
Swedish VoicePrompts
Thai VoicePrompts
Turkish VoicePrompts

Download online prompt:
Go to Settings → PBX → Voice Prompts → System Prompt
Click “Download Online Prompt” and choose the prompt you want.

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