How to integrate Linkus with Google Contacts?

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Note: Google Contacts integration is only supported on Linkus Windows Desktop.

You can integrate Linkus with Google Contacts to achieve Call Pop-up on Google Contacts web page.

  1. Go to  > CRM Integration.
  2. Configure the General settings.

    • Open Contact: When will the incoming call pop up.
    • Enable Journaling: Whether to record the call logs in Google Contacts.
    • Create new contacts if not matched: Whether to automatically create a new Google contact when a call is received from an unknown number.
  3. Set Plug-in to Google Contacts.
  4. Click Request the Code.

    On web browser, the login page of Google Contacts appears.

  5. On the login page of Google Contacts, do the following operations:
    1. Log in to a Google account.
    2. On the pop-up dialog, click Allow to allow Linkus to manage Google Contacts.

    3. Click Allow to confirm your choice again.

      On a new page, the authentication code appears.

  6. Copy and paste the authentication code on Linkus.
  7. Choose which browser will be used to open Google Contacts when a call comes.

  8. Click Authorize.

    When a Google contact calls to Linkus, the contact information will pop up on your web browser.

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