How to integrate Linkus with Salesforce CRM?

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Note: Salesforce CRM integration is only supported on Linkus Windows Desktop.

After integrating Linkus with Salesforce CRM, you will achieve the following features on Linkus:

  • Call Pop-ups: When a Salesforce contact calls to you, a pop-up call is shown on Linkus and the contact details are automatically shown on a web page.
  • Call Journals: The call logs are recorded in the CRM.
  • Create a new contact: Automatically create a new Salesforce contact when a call is received from an unknown number.


  • A Salesforce account with API enabled. If your Salesforce edition doesn’t support Web Services API, contact Salesforce to subscribe.
    Salesforce Essentials Doesn’t support API.
    Lightning Professional Needs additional cost for API services.
    Lightning Enterprise API included.
    Lightning Unlimited API included.

Create API App on Salesforce

  1. Log in Salesforce, click  in the top-right corner, then click Setup.

  2. Create a connected App.
    1. On the left-side navigation, under PLATFORM TOOLS, click Apps > App Manager.
    2. On the Lightning Experience App Manager page, click the New Connected App in the top-right corner.
    3. On the New Connected App page, enter the required basic information.

      • App Name: Enter the App name, e.g. linkus.
      • API Name: Enter the developer name, e.g. linkus.
      • Contact Email: Enter a contact email.
    4. Scroll down the page, configure the API (Enable OAuth Settings).

      • Enable OAuth Settings: Check the option.
      • Callback URL: Enter https://localhost:3001/callback.
      • Selected OAuth Scopes: Select the following scopes to Selected OAuth Scopes box.
        • Access and manage your data (api)
        • Access your basic information (id, profile, email, address, phone)
        • Allow access to your unique identifier (openid)
        • Full access (full)
        • Perform requests on your behalf at any time (refresh_token, offline_access,)
        • Provide access to your data via the Web (web)
    5. Scroll down the page, click Save.
      Note: The connected App will take effect after 2 or 10 minutes.
  3. Check and note down the API information of the connected App.
    Note: The API information is required on the Linkus client.
    1. On the left-side navigation, under PLATFORM TOOLS, click Apps > App Manager.
    2. Find the connected App, click , then click View.

    3. Scroll down the Manage Connected Apps page, check the API information.

Configure CRM settings on Linkus

Each Linkus user needs to configure Salesforces CRM settings on their Linkus clients to allow access to Salesforce.

  1. Click  at the bottom-left corner of Linkus.
  2. Click CRM Integration.
  3. Configure the General settings.

    • Open Contact: When the incoming call will pop up.
    • Enable Journaling: Whether to record the call logs in the CRM.
    • Create new contacts if not matched: Whether to automatically create a new Salesforce contact when a call is received from an unknown number.
  4. Configure Salesforce CRM settings.

    1. In the Plug-in drop-down menu, select Salesforce.
    2. On the pop-up dialog of Registry Editor, click Yes.
    3. In the Consumer Key field, enter the Consumer Key of the Salesforce connected App.
    4. In the Consumer Secret, Enter the Consumer Secret of the Salesforce connected App.
    5. Click Request the Code.

      A web page will be opened automatically. If the configurations are correct, the page will show “success”, and the authorization code will be filled in Linkus automatically

    6. Click Authorize.
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