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Create Agents on QueueMetrics

You need to tell QueueMetrics on which queues our agents will be working. The agents should be configured according to the extensions on your PBX.

  1. On the QueueMetrics Home page, click Edit agents.
  2. Click Create New.
  3. Configure the Agent Detail according to the extension settings on your PBC.
    Set the following parameters and leave all other parameters blank.
    • Asterisk agent code: The format is Agent/xxxx. For example, the agent’s extension number is 1000, the Asterisk agent code should be Agent/1000.
    • Agent description: Enter the agent’s name.
    • Current terminal: Enter the agent’s extension number.
  4. Click Save.


Create Queues on QueueMetrics

Create queues according to the queue settings on your PBX.

  1. Log in the QueueMetrics, click Queues tab at the top navigation.
  2. Click Create New.
  3. Configure the Queue Detail.
    Note: The format of Queue is queue-xxx. For example, if the queue number on the PBX is 6700, the Queue(s) should be queue-6700.
  4. Click Save.
  5. Click Queues tab at the top navigation to view the created queue.
  6. On the Queues Configuration page, click  to assign agents to the queue.
  7. Select the agents, and click Save.


reate QueueMetrics System Users

QueueMetrics provides Agent’s page, that is, a specialized page from which agents can log on, log off, go to pause, see processed calls and do other activities as well.

To enable the system users, you need to create a log-on for each agent that matches exactly the agent code you used in the agent definition, so e.g. for extension 5001 you would use Agent/5001.
  1. Go to Home > Edit QueueMetrics settings > Administer users, click Create New.
  2. Configure the User Detail and click Save.
    • Login: The format is Agent/{extension number}. For example, Agent/5001.
    • Password: Set a password for the user.
    • Real name: Enter the agent’s name.
    • Enabled: Choose Yes.
    • Class: Choose AGENTS.
  3. To check if your changes have been successful, try to log in with the system user.
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