Is there a free trial available and where can I download Linkus?

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Yes! You can download Linkus from our website and request a test extension by contacting us.

Download links can be found here:

Yeastar Linkus Softphone

You may fill up the “Sign up for Linkus test run” with your own and your colleague’s email addresses.

You will receive in an email:

  • Up to 4 end devices can be provisioned under 1 user, all end devices will be using the same extension number.
  • Access to Cloud PBX user portal, where you can manage your extension, voicemail, call forwarding, etc.
  • A QR code, which you can use it for Linkus mobile client registration.
  • A Login link, which you can use it for Linkus desktop client registration.
  • IP Phone auto-provision information, which you can use it to set up your IP Phone, automatically.
  • Provision up to 5 users and use it to communicate with each other.
  • You can do local outbound calls as well. (Singapore only)
  • Account valid for limited days only, for testing purposes.



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Install linkus on mobile & desktop, next make some calls!

Don't worry, a free trial is a free trial