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What is the difference between CTI mode and softphone mode?

Softphone mode
If your don’t have your own deskphone in the office, you can set Linkus to Softphone mode. With Linkus softphone, you can directly make and receive calls on Linkus Desktop Client without having to configure a deskphone separately.
CTI mode

If you are used to handling calls on a deskphone, you can set Linkus to CTI mode, and control phone calls on Linkus Desktop Client, such as dialing, call hold, call recording and so on.

Thanks to Yeastar CTI, you don’t have to spend time saving contacts information on deskphone or manually enter phone number on deskphone when you’re trying to make a call. The integrated Linkus Directory, select & dial with hotkey feature, and Yeastar Click to Call feature allow quick search for and dialing to contacts. Yeastar CTI mode not only simplifies call operations, but also caters for your deskphone experience.


Linkus Clients requirements

Linkus Windows Desktop 1.10.3 or later
Linkus Mac Desktop 1.10.3 or later

Phone requirements

Prepare an analog phone or IP phone that you need to control by Linkus. The phone should meet the following requirements:

  • Analog phone

    Use the same extension as Linkus Desktop Client.

  • IP phone
    • Use the same extension as Linkus Desktop Client
    • Register ONLY one account on the IP phone, or the Yeastar CTI may not work.


What operations can I do to control a phone by Linkus?

The supported operations in Yeastar CTI mode

Operations Compatible Yealink/Fanvil IP phones Other IP phones/analog phones
Make/End a call
Reject a call
Hold/Retrieve a call
Blind transfer
Record a call
* Answer a call ×
* Attended transfer ×
* Swap hold ×
* Do Not Disturb Synchronization ×

Note: To do the above operations with *, the administrator must do as follows:

  • Enable uaCSTA feature on PBX (Path: Settings > PBX > General > SIP > Advanced > Enable uaCSTA connection).
  • Enable uaCSTA feature on IP phones.
    • If the administrator uses PBX’s auto provisioning to configure IP phones, the uaCSTA feature of IP phones will be enabled automatically.
    • If the administrator manually configures IP phones, the administrator should log in to the web pages of IP phones to enable uaCSTA feature.

    For enabling uaCSTA feature of IP phones, see the following topics:

    • How to enable uaCSTA feature of Yealink IP phones?
    • How to enable uaCSTA feature of Fanvil IP phones?

Compatible Yealink IP phones

Yealink phone models Firmware version
SIP-T21P_E2 or later
SIP-T21_E2 or later
SIP-T23P or later
SIP-T23G or later
SIP-T27G or later
SIP-T29G or later
SIP-T40P or later
SIP-T40G or later
SIP-T41S or later
SIP-T41P or later
SIP-T42S or later
SIP-T42G or later
SIP-T46S or later
SIP-T46G or later
SIP-T48S or later
SIP-T48G or later
SIP-T41U or later
SIP-T42U or later
SIP-T43U or later
SIP-T46U or later
SIP-T48U or later
SIP-T52S or later
SIP-T54S or later
SIP-T53 or later
SIP-T53W or later
SIP-T54W or later
SIP-T57W or later
SIP-T56A or later
SIP-T58A or later
SIP-VP59 or later

Compatible Fanvil IP phones

Fanvil phone models Firmware version
X1/ X1P 2.12.0 or later
X1S/ X1SP 2.0.0 or later
X1SG 2.0.0 or later
X2P 2.12.0 or later
X2C 2.12.0 or later
X3S/ X3SP/ X3G 2.12.0 or later
X3SG 2.0.0 or later
X3U 2.0.0 or later
X4/ X4G 2.12.0 or later
X4U 2.0.3 or later
X5U 2.0.3 or later
X5S 2.0.3 or later
X6 2.0.3 or later
X6U 2.0.3 or later
X7 2.0.3 or later
X7C 2.0.3 or later
X210 2.0.3 or later
X210i 2.0.3 or later


How to enable Yeastar CTI?

Before you begin

Before enabling Yeastar CTI, make sure the requirements for PBX, Linkus clients, and phones are met.


  1. Click .
  2. Select a CTI mode.

    With Yeastar CTI enabled, you can operate on Linkus Desktop Client, and control call operations of deskphone, such as dialing, call hold, recording and so on.


How to enable uaCSTA feature of Yealink IP phones?


Before enabling uaCSTA feature of Yealink IP phones, you should turn on uaCSTA connection on PBX, so that you can do all the supported operations.


How to enable uaCSTA feature of Fanvil IP phones?


Before enabling uaCSTA feature of Fanvil IP phones, you should turn on uaCSTA connection on PBX, so that you can do all the supported operations.

  1. Log in to the PBX web page.
  2. Go to Settings > PBX > General > SIP > Advanced, select the checkbox of Enable uaCSTA connection.

Enable uaCSTA feature by Auto Provisioning

If the administrator uses PBX’s Auto Provisioning to configure a phone, the phone’s uaCSTA feature will be automatically enabled.

Note: We recommend you to use Auto Provisioning to configure phones.
  1. Log in to the PBX web page, and go to Auto Provisioning.
  2. Click Device List tab.
  3. Select a phone, and click .
  4. Configure phone settings according to your needs.
  5. Click Save.

    The uaCSTA feature of Fanvil IP phone will be automatically enabled.

Enable uaCSTA feature on Phone page

The administrator can log in to phone page to manually enable uaCSTA feature.

We take Fanvil X7 as an example to show you how to enable uaCSTA feature on Fanvil IP phone.

  1. Open web browser, enter the IP phone’s IP address.
  2. On the pop-up window, enter username and password to access the IP phone.
  3. Enable uaCSTA feature of Fanvil IP phone.
    1. Go to Line > SIP > SIP Global Settings.
    2. Select the checkbox of Enable uaCSTA.
    3. Click Apply.

  4. Configure uaCSTA feature on Fanvil IP phone.
    1. Go to Line > SIP > Advanced Settings.
    2. In the Specific Server Type field, choose COMMON.
    3. In the textbox of uaCSTA Number, enter the extension number which will be applied in CTI mode.

  5. Click Apply.


Why can’t I see CTI option?

If you don’t see CTI option on Linkus Desktop Client, you should check the following settings:

  • Check if the version of the PBX server meets the following requirements:
    • Yeastar Cloud PBX: or later
  • Check if the login extensions on Linkus Desktop Client and IP phone/analog phone are the same.
  • Check the status of the IP phone/analog phone (if the phone is rebooting or resetting).

Why can’t I play voicemails and recordings on IP phone?

After you click Play on the IP phone on Voicemails page or Recordings page, if the IP phone doesn’t receive a notification, you need to check the following setting:

  • Check if the extension’s presence status is set to Do Not Disturb.
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