QueueMetrics Basic Operation

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Once you have done the QueueMetrics integration, you could follow this guide to learn the basic operation of QueueMetrics. This guide is proper for QueueMetrics-live and QueueMetrics-OnPremise.

1.Agent Log in the Queue

Log in the QueueMetrics Live System User Icon Page with the Agent name and password, you can see the Icon page below,

Figure 1

Now the Queues Logged In list is empty, you should make this agent log in at least one queue, select one queue in Available Queues list, and move it to right as below,

Figure 2

If the agent log in successfully, the queue will be in the List of Queue Logged In.

2.Agent check their own Call List

After an agent answers some calls, he/she will be able to check the call list in their user Icon page as below.


Figure 3

3.Agent Pause and Unpause

Sometimes, agents may need to leave the seat for a break. In agent page, you can pause themselves by choosing a reason, and click the “Pause” bottom.

                                             Figure 4

When agents are in pause, the system will not ring the extension of the agent. After the agents come back to seat, and click the “Unpause” bottom to stop pause, the system will ring the agents’ phones when queue receiving the next incoming call.


4.Realtime Monitoring

Log in the system with the administrator user name and password, and click the linkage “Start realtime monitoring”, you will see the realtime monitor panel as below,

Figure 5

In the real-time monitoring panel, you will be able to monitor the status of Queues, processing calls and agents.

5.Spy lines

Sometimes, the System administrator may need to spy a processing call between a client and an agent for improving the service level of the call center. When there is a processing call, in the real-time monitoring panel, you can monitor the call.

Figure 6

You can move the cursor to the end of “Calls being processed” list, you can see a pop up option menu, then click the “Monitor now”, a pop up window will show, then you can fill in you extension number and monitor the line.

                       Figure 7

Note: when you click the “Monitor now”, your extension will ring, once you answer the call, you will hear the call between agent and client.


MyPBX is uploading the queue_log to QueueMetrics live server real time, and QueueMetrics will produce the report according to time or agent.
Go to the page Home, and you can see the access to have the Quick activity reports as below.

You can make system generate report according to the time you choose, and the report will demonstrate detail of the queue with chart and graphical representation.

Figure 8

Figure 9

Figure 10

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