What are local and international calling rates for your services?

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There is no call charges from our company. We only charge you to use our Cloud PBX services,

All call charges will be billed by your number provider, the rates for both local calling and international calling would vary by your supplier.

For example:

  • If you are on PSTN/ISDN line from Singtel or Starhub, all call charges will be billed by them. Our VoIP gateway only helps to bridge those lines to Cloud PBX so that you can manage your phone system from the cloud, also have the option to use Linkus and IP Phones.
  • If you are on SIP Trunk, all call charges will be billed by your trunk provider.

Again we will not bill you any external call charges, all internal extension to extension calls are free of charge, even if they are located at different locations. Say your office A is in Malaysia, office B is in Singapore, internal calls among these offices will be free of charge.

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