Reliability is our #1 policy

Since 2013, we have been focused on efficiency and performance in building the best VoIP platform on the market.

GDPR Compliance

We are committed to offering services and resources to our customers to help them comply with privacy and GDPR requirements. We know privacy and data security is critical to your business. That’s why Reliable Telecom gives you ownership and control over your customer and call data by design through simple, but powerful tools that allow you to determine how long the data and recordings are stored on our platform.

Superior User Experience

Sophisticated, enterprise-grade communications do not have to be complicated to implement as a custom solution today. We designed our platform with the user experience in mind at every step. Whether you are an administrator configuring the system or adding a line, or an employee changing your individual settings, our service requires no training or IT expertise to use. Reliable Telecom users are empowered through an intuitive, easy to navigate, and seamless multi-device experience.

Fast Deployment

Our solution is easy to implement, and many customers go live before their free trial has even ended. Our dedicated account specialists are there with you every step of the way to ensure a no-downtime, worry-free transition to the Reliable Telecom system.

End-to-End Monitoring

Reliable Telecom continually monitors the end-to-end performance of our network to ensure KPIs and availability remain at peak levels. Globally, we have alarms in place that alert us of any issues across the platform.

Real-Time System Tracking

Our public status page allows users to check the overall health of the Reliable Telecom system 24/7. You can confirm in real-time that your phone system is up and running, and monitor the resolution status of system-wide issues. We demonstrate our commitment to transparency and reliable uptime by displaying this information publicly at all times.

Disaster Recovery

Our platform has been architected to support failover conditions in case of emergency. We provide real-time disaster recovery by automatically switching active services from one data center to another. Thanks to redundant internet connections, our call flows, voice, voicemail, and conferencing services can all continue to operate without interruption.

Multiple Layers of Security

We give you added peace of mind by implementing vigorous security measures at every level of our architecture and processes, including the physical, infrastructure, host, data, application, and business processes.

Infrastructure Security

We offer the following infrastructure safeguards:

● Network and applications: firewalls and session border controllers

● Technology: intrusion-detection systems and fraud analytics

● Administrative functions: multiple authentication levels

● Operational functions: monitoring, system hardening, and vulnerability scans

Proactive Fraud Mitigation

We prevent toll fraud through access control, detection controls, and usage throttling, and gives you granular control over who gets to make international calls and to where. Our security experts actively monitor account activity to detect irregular calling patterns and prevent fraudulent charges. Automated monitoring systems ensure that no potential fraudulent activity gets overlooked.

Backup Recovery Systems

Natural disasters, power outages, and malicious network attacks can cause communications downtime that frustrates your customers and threatens your bottom line. Our network is fully redundant in every location we serve, providing a truly global infrastructure that ensures business continuity for your organization.

Dedicated to Quality of Service

Quality of service drives all of our architecture and technology decisions. Every aspect of the Reliable Telecom platform is designed to provide your company with the highest- quality business communications possible.

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