Yeastar Cloud PBX Order Form

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Yeastar Cloud PBX Order form

Yeastar Cloud PBX Order form

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Monthly Recurring Charge

Dedicated Yeastar Cloud PBX Server (Required)

SGD/Month/Server: $ 89.00

Yeastar Cloud PBX Server
• Includes a Yeastar Cloud PBX Server
• Includes 5 Yeastar user licenses
• Includes 5,000 minutes of recordings
• Full admin/access rights
• Support Multiple Offices
• Support Multiple SIP Trunks
• Support Multiple DID Numbers
Additional user license (Add-on)

SGD/Month/User: $ 8.00

Yeastar Cloud PBX Server
If you are ordering more than 5 users
• Use Linkus Mobile and Desktop
• Self management user portal
• Connect up to 4 devices per user
• Auto-provision IP Phones
• Voicemail, call forward etc
• Contacts, CTI, CRM Integration
Recording Storage (Add-on)

SGD/Month/5,000 Minutes: $ 20.00

Yeastar Cloud PBX Server
If you need more than 5,000 minutes
• Only accessible by you
• Select specific users you want to record
• On-demand one touch recording option
• Web based replay, download, delete
• Auto clean up, FIFO logic
PSTN/Analog line gateway (Optional)

SGD/Month/Gateway: $ 25.00

PSTN Gateway
Connect your existing PSTN lines to cloud
• Support up to 8 PSTN Lines
• Pre-configured, Plug-n-Play
• Internet is required
ISDN/Digital line gateway (Optional)

SGD/Month/Gateway: $ 80.00

ISDN Gateway
Connect your existing ISDN lines to cloud
• Support both ISDN10 & 30
• Pre-configured, Plug-n-Play
• Internet is required
Setup Fees (Optional)

Requirement gathering and solution design
• Hardware Staging, testing and installation
• Number of Sites: 1
• Number of Users/Extensions
• System programming:
• IVR / Auto-Attendant (routing, up to 2 levels)
• Call Detail Records
• Ring Groups/Queue
• Voicemail
• Deployment schedule: Weekday/Office hour
• Post-deployment engineering support: 1 day
Total cost (SGD)

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